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clear blue sky
Clear Blue Sky/same 

Originally released on the Vertigo label in 1971 on vinyl, this highly acclaimed & much loved collector’s piece is forever reissued & is available on CD & vinyl. CBS invented a highly original style that was to be copied by many. A timeless classic adorned with artwork by Roger Dean. ‘An album of immense importance…one of the label’s finest achievements’ Record Collector.
‘Brilliant record!’ New Sonic Architecture/USA

Journey To The Inside Of The Sun

  1. Sweet Leaf
  2. The Rocket Ride
  3. I’m Comin’ Home

You Mystify
Tool Of My Trade
My Heaven

Clear Blue Sky/Destiny

The second album of 70’s vintage. 
This is the original vinyl issued as a limited edition on
the Saturn label and has now become very collectable indeed.

 ‘..The soaringly impressive sound of Clear Blue Sky…they play
with a passion that is both forceful & flawless. Sheer heaven....’ Edwin Pouncey/New Musical Express

Pick Up
Bottom Of Your Soul
Follow The Light
Back On The Road Again
When I Call Your Name
Waiting For The Day
Killing Time

Desdiny CD
Clear Blue Sky/Destiny 

Re-issued on CD format with two extra live tracks on
the Aftermath label (since re-issued) and includes new dazzling artwork by Phil Smee. 

Pick Up
Bottom Of Your Soul
Follow The Light
Back On The Road Again
When I Call Your Name
Waiting For The Day
Killing Time
Could This Be The Way
Big City Man

cosmic cruisader
Clear Blue Sky/Cosmic Crusader

 Released in 1996, an inspired mix of power fusion-flecked psychy rock. 
The interlinked songs are based around the spacey title track.  Patchouli drenched guitar drifts like incense throughout. ‘Pure magic..breathtaking..highly recommended!’ Stormbringer.
‘Engagingly eclectic..well worth checking out’ Progression/USA.
‘The return of Clear Blue Sky in big style’ Crohinga Well. ‘I wasn’t disappointed for a second’ Astro Zombie


Earth, The Rock
The Age Of Dinosaurs
Every Living Thing
The Serpent’s Venom
Picture Puzzle
Highway of Fire
People Of Darkness
Cosmic Crusader

out of the blue
Clear Blue Sky/Out of the Blue 

Features the band’s earliest recordings made prior to their Vertigo release.
This popular release serves well as an interesting historical document
and also includes recordings made throughout the years, plus live versions
of tracks featured on the first album, including a much noted psychedelic/spacey version
of ‘My Heaven’. ‘One of the greatest bands everBlack Widow Records/Italy


Man Of Stone
New Dream
Will You Lie
Veil Of The Vixen
My Heaven

mirror of the stars
Clear Blue Sky/Mirror of the Stars 

 Inspired by pyramids that align to stars & planets, and the rise & fall of
Egypt as a world power in ancient times; it also explores  the possibilities within space and other worlds.
Very well received with excellent reviews.‘A stunning & electrifying all new album,
their heavyweight rock style multi-layered with facets of psych, blues, space and much, much more.’ Hi-Note Music


Mirror Of The Stars
The Passage Of Time
Hello, Earth
Marari (For Your Love)
Lucidra, City Of Light
Stargaze 777
The Eye Of The Cosmos
Timelords Speak
Into The Night

STG 707

Stone Island Records presents an entirely new and original studio album comprising 11 tracks that
encompass many hues from the vast colourful spectrum of rock & blues. Over four years in creation, this
album highlights powerful elements from collective experiences and takes a meditative & reflective view of life’s mysteries and possibilities.

‘Gateway to the Seventh Dimension’ takes you on an experiential, mind opening journey from this world to another.

Presented as a special collectors’ edition item, the CD comes complete with a lavish 32 page booklet packed with pictures – some from the unseen archive – plus lyrics and a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring dazzling artwork from one of the world’s greatest artists, namely John Pitre.


Still Dizzy After All These Years

All the Vertigo legends gathered together on this awesome double album!  29 superb swirling tracks – Black Sabbath, Status Quo, Rod Stewart, Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), The Spencer Davis Group, Manfred Mann’s Earthband are just a few of the great artists  featured and who were the true pioneers of good rock music.  Clear Blue Sky’s track is taken from their debut album. Sleeve notes and compiled by the great Barry Winton.‘Some of the most memorable releases..’ Record Mart & Buyer.  ‘ ..Some of the very finest British rock’. Barry Winton
Track:‘My Heaven’

Vertigo Classics & Rarities 1969-1973 Volume One  

Another classy offering from the pedigrees of the Vertigo stable – Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart, Juicy Luicy, Gentle Giant, Coliseum to name but a few, take centre stage for this 14 track compilation album.  Clear Blue Sky’s featured track is from the ever popular debut album.

Track      ‘Rocket Ride’

downer rock
Downer-Rock Genocide 

A 16 Track compilation of rare gems and previously unreleased material from the early origins of rock and released on the highly collectable and sought after Audio Archives label. Some seriously powerful and heavy acts fill this album including Iron Maiden, Slowbone, Monument, Hackensack, Writing on the Wall etc.  Clear Blue Sky blast through the hi-fi with two tracks, which were part of the earliest recordings made by the band at the age of just sixteen!
Pete Sarfass, A&R from Audio Archives label says:
“This is the ultimate & definitive anthology of ultra-heavy early downer-rock, excavated from the depths of the UK Underground scene & presented with the most Armageddon-style downer-art ever seen. What is downer-rock? Well, its later genres are better known – grunge, heavy metal, thrash- but downer-rock stands out as the earliest incarnation of hard guitar in minor keys, the forerunner of these later modes.”

Veil Of The Vixen

moon orion

The Moon/Orion Project

A compilation made by various artists commemorating 10 years of incredible music from Stone Premonitions.  Each band/artist recorded their unique version of a Stone Premonition song.  Clear Blue Sky opens the album and the track received rave reviews and extensive airplay.  Their alternative recorded version of the song was considered so good that it was selected as the closing song!  Clear Blue Sky actively champion the music of Stone Premonitions, and are devoted fans. ‘In the super league!’ Guitarist Magazine

Track    The Moon

Time Machine (2005)

This is another compilation- 3 CD’s- which features many of the cream of the Vertigo label treasury. Time has done nothing to diminish the greatness of this music and now it’s back – re-mixed and polished- sounding better than ever! The legend lives on…Exquisitely packaged in black and white as a box set, this is a ‘must have’ for all collectors, and serves as a splendid learning curve for any who study creative music and a benchmark for the history of the origins of rock.
Track      ‘My Heaven’

Clear Blue Sky also featured on these vinyl albums, long assigned to the record collector’s archives:
The Vertigo Trip
Gorgeous compilation of great Vertigo acts and released on vinyl complete with wild artwork. A real treat for the ears if you can get a copy!
Track:  ‘My Heaven’
Heads Together Round One
This compilation of tracks from Vertigo bands and artists was put together by Patrick Campbell-Lyons. A great discovery if you can find it.
Track: ‘Birdcatcher’
Unreleased Clear Blue Sky material remains in the archives….


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