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For 2013, Clear Blue Sky present a brand new, all original album, that blends raw, power rock, reminiscent of the band's early days, with light-infused, cosmic soundscapes that defines their truly original style.

Clear Blue Sky has been creating music since the dawn of rock music, having made their debut album release on Universal's 'Vertigo' label in 1971, and have successfully produced music ever since. Their style defies categorization of progressive, psychedelic, blues or heavy rock, but rather somehow blends all these categories.

The album features core members, and features special guest appearances adding exciting fresh dimensions.

Don't Mention Rock 'n' Roll features nine new tracks and outstanding cover artwork that has been uniquely created by Colin Masson.

  • John Simms Lead guitar and effects, lead and backing vocals
  • Kraznet Montpelier Bass guitars, backing vocals and additional keyboards
  • Thomas Tiefenbacher Drums & percussion
  • Lee Limerick Lead & backing vocals
  • David Hendry Keyboards & psychedelic dreamscapes
  • Maxine Marten Backing vocals
  • Introducing Lucy Limerick Backing vocals




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